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Sunday Scaries

We're all living for the weekends, but are the animals feeling just as spooked as we are to venture into the work week!?

August 29, 2020
By: Discovery

Photo By: Pai-Shih Lee

Photo By: Photoboyko

Photo By: John M Lund Photography Inc

Photo By: Andrea Luca Sommaruga / EyeEm

Photo By: ballyscanlon

Photo By: Francesco De Palma / EyeEm

Photo By: Fernando Trabanco Fotografía

Photo By: Christopher Winton-Stahle

Photo By: Okapics

Photo By: Catherine Falls Commercial

Scaredy Cat

Just pretend I am not here.

If I don't move, will they see me?

I am going to leave those emails on unread.?

Do Not Disturb

You are telling me to go to bed? No, thank you.

Just one more hour of TikTok...

It's the 9am Monday meeting for me.

It's the scary teeth for me.

It's the leaving the house for me.

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