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Photos: Deadliest Catch Season 16

Take a look through the best moments of the season!

September 14, 2020
By: Discovery

Photo By: Nate Chambers

Photo By: Nate Chambers

Photo By: Shane Moore

Photo By: Shane Moore

Cornelia Marie at Sunset

Cornelia Marie at sunset, crashing through a wave.

Opies for Cornelia Marie

The Cornelia Marie crew drops a big pot of opies onto the table.

Summer Bay's Season

Deckhand Landon Cheney looking out at the open sea on the Summer Bay.

Johnathan Hillstrand

The legend Johnathan Hillstrand and his sweet ride.

Saga's King Crab

The Saga crew counts their king crab catch.

The Saga

F/V Saga at sea.

Northwestern and Cornelia Marie

F/V Northwestern and Cornelia Marie near snowy mountains.

Lady Alaska

The Lady Alaska in growing weather, with ice on its rails.

Saga Deck Boss Joe Gomez

Saga Deck Boss, Joe Gomez, counts a good opie catch at the table.

Cornelia Marie Greenhorn, Maria Dosal

Cornelia Marie Greenhorn, Maria Dosal, is always smiling, even when taking a break.

The Saga Crew

The Saga crew poses with their king crab.

Flooded in Opies

The Cornelia Marie crew counts a large opies catch.

Mandy Hansen

Mandy Hansen, Relief Captain on the Northwestern, helps to stack pots.

Saga Deckhand Clayton Gore

Saga Deckhand Clayton Gore at the rail in big weather.

Deckhand Tyler Gateman

Deckhand Tyler Gateman athletically works the stack on the Wizard.

Captain Harley

Southern Wind Captain Harley Davidson looks concerned in the wheelhouse.

Icy Lady alaska

The Lady Alaska in growing weather, with ice on its rails.

The Gang

The F/V's Wizard, Saga, Northwestern, and Southern Wind in Dutch Harbor with snowcapped mountains.

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